Welcome to Krazycarz, a web portal which gives complete information about the auto world and explores the glamorous and exotic world of cars ranging from the smallest and yet the smartest cars of the automobile which reign over the fantasies of car-enthusiasts across the globe. This is the perfect site where you can find all details about car brands around the world and the countless models. Krazycarz is the perfect place to find all the brands and their models in detail under one roof which serves as a knowledge bank for car lovers. In Krazycarz you can find the required information of cars just with a quick search on car models in every possible category, from new launching ones to upcoming ones, from brand names to body types and based on price ranges.

Hai myself Sandeep, I would like to share the purpose of starting this Krazycarz website.

Since my childhood, I was very fascinated about cars. I used to collect many pictures of various cars from news papers, Magazines, etc. I have also gained a lot of knowledge about various cars and their specifications by reading number of magazines and by searching vaious web sites. While I was searching about detailed information about cars in internet, unfortunately I could not find the Exacact and required information about the brands and their models in one place, i had to search in various websites to gather all the information which i was looking for. I have driven many cars ranging from small to smartest due to my interest towards Cars. “I have gone through many models and their specifications”. I thought to start this Krazycarz site to give full informaion about cars and their specifications in one place for people who are passionate about the cars and for people who are looking to buy cars.

“This thought makes me to start a website.”